Generation Of Lady Sharp shooters

"Age is just a number when you want to set some high stereo Breaking goals & shoot them right in bull’s eye."


Meet the most inspiring generation of lady sharp shooters of India- Chandro Tomar, Prakashi Tomar ,Seema Tomar and Shefali Tomar. Chandro Tomar & Prakashi Tomar also popularly known as shooter dadi & revolver dadi are one of the oldest sharp shooters in the world. After being recently acknowledged in the movie Sand ki ankh on screen roles played by Tapsee Pannu & Bhumi Pednekar, a bio picture on their life. Following their foot-steps, Seema Tomar daughter of Prakashi Tomar who is an active participant of Indian team at present is the trap shooter. In fact she’s the only Indian Woman to win shotgun Silver Medal at the International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup. Shefali Tomar got felicitated with more than 50 medals in her tremendous journey so far. In addition to this they could be said as Asia’s biggest family having 12 lady sharp shooters ,including national & international medallist.

Emerging of Champions:

At the age of 65 Chandro Tomar tried her hands on shooting to accompany her 11 year old, grand daughter Shefali Tomar who otherwise was afraid to take the shooting classes alone & to everyone’s surprise her first target was on bull’s eye. Prakashi Tomar on the other hand got to know about this secret aspiration of Shefali & Chandro Soon, at first she was angry with her partner in crime later on she did join the club & emerged as another inspiring sharp shooter in the Tomar family. Chandro Tomar's never giving up attitude and Young hearted spirit has helped her to motivate many students and youngsters as she addressed as spokesperson in schools and colleges. Still at the age of 89 she loves to learn new things and travel to new places and talking about Prakashi Tomar- Many of her household activities helped her to make her arms firm says, Seema. Prakashi'S another purpose to join the shoooting was to make sure her daughter's secure a good government job in future. Seema's interest in Athletes & sports had started at her early age, at the age of 16 she discovered her interest in shooting. Being a regular small village girl she was also afraid to take the shooting classes alone and insisted her mother to join her along. Prakashi's hard work paid off and Seema at present is the part of Indian army and her grand daughter Ruby Tomar is an inspector in punjab police. Shefali has begged her first medal at the tender age of 11 also got placed in best universitiy due to her sports & with constant efforts of her grand mother Chandro Tomar.

Challenge Faced by Tomar Ladies:

Belonging to the small village called johri in bapat district (Uttar-Pradesh) it was hard for Tomar ladies to face their family n society’s perception .When the family got to know about their passion they were happy for young girl Seema and Shefali but when it came to old ladies they were not convinced about the same. Chandro Tomar’s Husband was not in opposition nor in support later they appreciated their talent when the ladies proved their skills to the core. Also when asked what is the support from government which is provided to ladies in this field, the government should be more active towards the growth of the sports in remote & village area’s in comparison to town as it is an expensive sports says, Seema.

Awards & Achievements:

89 year old Chandro Tomar is falicitated with Senior Citizen National award, Devi Award in addition to 3 more prestigious awards. Prakashi Tomar begged the Stree Shakti Puraskar, the 100 women achievers felicitated by the president of india. Along with 4 more prestigious awards. Joining her elder Diva’s , Seema on the other hand won a Silver medal in trap shooting along with 5 more prestigious awards internationally. Shefali got International Junior Championship followed by 5 more prestigious titles.

Memorable Moments During real life & Reel life Shooting (Sand Ki Ankh)

The tomar ladies enjoyed each & every moment of shooting which was done at their very own johri village. As the cast decided to stay at Tomar’s house & make the work as realistic as possible. During her Sharp shooting learning days Prakashi Tomar used to wear her regular clothes to which she was laughed upon to which she motivationally dealt with by responding to people by her words which were, make your identity through your work not your dress-up.

Powerful Message:

The Sharp shooters delivered an amazing message for the ladies out there that - It is clear that Women’s got many obstacles & blocks to stop them in the journey of success in Indian society but they should take it as a stepping stone and keep moving ahead then the world will clap for them instead.

Looking at the inspiring journey of these inspirational women’s , the old ladies in the villages has started to learn sharp shooting & joined the club which is no less than an another achievement for Tomar family.

"What an inspiring pack of Women's to cherrish and look up to."