Regular Lady To "International Body Builder"

Failure will never over take me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”


An International lady bodybuilder, Motivational - Fitness model, Proud mother and what not! Meet this 37 year Old iron lady, NATASHA PRADHAN. Determination to enhance & overtake her dream came from her very own journey which pushed her to achieve something big in life. NATASHA had this urge of making big since her childhood days.


The prime purpose of a regular teen age girl would be to get her Favourite dress or maybe a Shoe but for NATASHA it was to get freedom & equality. Being from an orthodox Marathi family from Mumbai, NATASHA was not allowed to freely participate in Academics & Sports which a normal infant girl would be allowed to do otherwise. To fulfil her desire to get freedom as similar to her brother she joined Kick Boxing without acknowledgement of her parents. Having blue belt in hands, her happiness blew away out of a window as soon as her father got to know about her secret passion. After which she was rarely allowed to follow her wishes. As she grew up & got hitched to man of her choice at the age of just 19. But that was another roller-coaster ride for NATASHA indeed as things didn’t work out well for them & in no time she was a single mother. NATASHA took various jobs to take care of her little girl. Be it a Mechanic, Baby-sitter, Receptionist, a roadside cafe owner or what not. Financial freedom was another issue faced by NATASHA.


NATASHA’S empowering journey started as she bumped into one of her old friend on the road of Mumbai. He was shocked to see NATASHA’S situation & decided to help her financially. Struggling NATASHA unaware of the Fitness world joined the GYM nearby and soon she became the GYM trainer herself, that’s when she worked hard to earn herself the life she deserves. One day while doing her work out a senior asked her about the Fitness competition which was she unaware of. Being told about the ladies body building competition 29 year old NATASHA could see her childhood dream of pursuing equality come true & she grabbed the opportunity in the year 2014. NATASHA qualified through Maharashtra state, at first she was shy to wear a bikini on the stage but fire burning in her was more high to stop her by little obstacle. That was a turning point in NATASHA’S journey & she got off the stage emerging as all new NATASHA. She wanted to go a level ahead now, not having enough penny was bothering NATASHA but a Mumbai based NGO volunteered to help her .After which she became unstoppable.

Awards & Achievements:

Natasha Represented India in Asia championship and got 4th Rank. She also qualified in world championship. Although she didn’t hold any place their but going that far was a dream come true for NATASHA. Due to some minor injuries after an accident NATASHA didn’t get a chance to opt for world championship but she is 37 now & is still determined about the same, her only aim is winning the World Championship. Her daughter is 18 and she also pursues to join army to serve the country, following her mother’s foot -steps.

Powerful Message:

Accept your flaws, take it as an experience, stay strong, learn from them & keep moving ahead when you will do so the past will be blurry & future will be focused.

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