How just with a pack of Maggie, Charmi created millions worth empire!

"Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path & leave a trail."


The courage & determination of this lady has led her to where she stands today. The Magic wand behind is non other than india’s anytime go to food Maggie. With a pack of Maggie and some innovative cooking skills , Charmi created an empire worth millions. Yes u read it right, can anyone ever imagine Maggie can earn you financial freedom? it has happened in real for charmi.

Met the 30 year old lady, Charmi Dave, proud owner of Messy bowl previously known as maggiewala, As they were selling Maggie so named it “ Maggiewala.” Which she started at the very young age of 23.

Challenges faced by Charmi & Emerging of Messy-Bowl:

Since her childhood days Charmi had a dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur but the road to success is never an easy one. Born n brought up in the city of Baroda. Working with baroda municipal corporation in her 20’s, Charmi was earning pretty handsome salary, as life had different plans for Charmi, during her office days she met one of her good friend & decided to tie knot with him. Along with blessings of her parents, after which she shifted to Ahmedabad to start her journey to happily ever after. Everything was well until Charmi decided to start her entrepreneur journey.

The idea to start Maggiewala came upon a bowl of Maggie which charmi was having in Ahmedabad with one of her friend. to execute the idea Charmi shifted back to baroda ,introduced her first outlet & got very good response, initially she had to give all her time to her new emerging business & within a week or so Charmi got her break even point. People around her store did not wanted her to be successful for instance,as they created silly problems like water drainage connections were restricted for them . in personal upfront as well things seemed to be falling apart preety soon for Charmi . Her spouse & inlaws were not tremendously supportive about her choice of balance between work n home.She was suffering n falling, There n then She was loosing hope to life but her supportive parents stood as her best warriors and helped her out to get rid of the night-mare she was living. Charmi seprated her ways from her spouse to become the lady she was meant to be,t here’s no looking back after that. Charmi was all set to build her self-owned empire. Later on her journey Charmi met a friend who also happened to be her life mate. Yet Again Life happened but in a good way when she was busy making other plans.

Maggiewala a crore turnover company:

Charmi took her full time business to new heights, as she introduced her new outlet in Baroda within some time after her first outlet been inaugurated, while one of the co-founders had different plans, Charmi continued to pursue her dream & then she started giving franchises in various cities. Now she is having 22 outlets in 10 major cities of India, including Mumbai, Chennai etc. Charmi faced many Challenges being a female entrepreneur but her desperation to innovate something new with her creative cooking skills & positive ideas were enough to keep her going. Also their quality services were the major reason behind her success. Says, Charmi.

As we talk about present situation , she highlighted that post pandemic people will be more concerned & aware of what and how they are eating. Along with this Digital-Menu would be given more preferences and cloud kitchen culture will boost tremendously.

Awards & Achievements:

Messy Bowl was recognized Nationally by Nestle India through their show Maggie kitchen journey which was telecasted on Zee TV & Living Foods hosted by Renuka Shahane. Along with 3 more prestigious awards in 4 consecutive years ,one of which is a recent acknowledgment by “9th Annual Business Awards 2020.


My failure has always become my biggest inspiration. They push me to work more & more accurately. Also Charmi enjoy her spare time painting her imagination & helping new start-ups to structurize their model.

Powerful message from Charmi:

Being a female , I feel problems are complementary when you want to break stereotypes. She also shared A.B.C.D.. mantra of success A s k…Believe…Consistency…Dedication…

if all of above fall in place correctly, you will be unstoppable. You may fall initially, but failure are part of success…Failure are the best teacher, Says Charmi.

"We surely need many more Charmi to show the strength & power to our Indian society."

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