Indore Bikerni-Female Bike Riders From Madhya Pradesh Breaking Stereotypes & Following Their Passion

"These Female Riders From Madhya Pradesh Are Breaking All The Stereotypes As They Ride Without Boundaries To Destinationss Of Their Dream."


Meet The Bikerni's who ride and vroom with their beast bikes. Indore Bikerni chapter of The BIKERNI, got started in the year april 2018 by 35 year old G.Meenakshi Rao to bring all the female riders together. It is the first only female bike riding group of Madhya Pradesh. It is chapter of The Bikerni (First and largest women motorcycle club of India) created by Urvashi Patole Sane From Pune. It has got various Female Riders from different parts of the country. Indore BIKERNI stands as one of it. Indore often known for its lip smacking food and night lightning bazar but these ladies are bringing new identity to the city, also representing women of smart city to be an example.


There are no major challenges to ride around the country. Some minor one include, for instance the bike ride has to be planned properly, mainly the stoppage has to be done before it its dark and the stay has to be done in a proper hotel. Whenever if you ride solo one should not stop on the road, if anyone asks you to. If you stop it has to be in a crowded place not in the middle of the road.


There are riders aged 20-57 who haveride their own bikes. The First ride was to CHIKALDHARA,Maharashtra/ 600kms, which gave an immense feeling of happiness and achievement of freedom to us. We have done small rides all around the city up to 300kms in a day. The long rides include ride to shirdi Maharashtra that is 800kms. We have registered ourselves on PAN India to find more women riders to jin the club, Planning for more long rides in near future after this pandemic gets over, Says, Meenakshi.


The motive of the group is to bring together all the feamles who ride a bike & follow their passion but hesitate in doing so. We ride together & give each other confidence to achieve the unthinkable.


Life is full of experiences and you learn & grow. Riding a bike boosts your confidence as you are handling a bike which is much more heavier than you. We learn about the basics of a bike which is considered to be a men's field. We are breaking all the stereotypes by owning it. All the women who have got their passion to live it. All the women who have got their passion. Live it and love it.

More Power to the Women who is bringing a change and creating a new definition of Indian women who follow her dreams no matter what.”

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