28 Year Arjun Vaidya, Giving New Face To 5000 Year Old Ayurveda With The Help Of Digital Platforms.

"Ayurveda Teaches Us How To Live In Harmony With Nature."


Meet this 28 Year old young lad Arjun Vaidya, who is giving a modern face to traditional Ayurveda and helping consumers sitting miles away with the help of various digital platforms. Arjun who belongs to the 6th generation of the vaidya family is the CEO of Dr. Vaidya's.Taking his 150 Year old Family legacy ahead Arjun decided to change the way of presenting Ayurveda and introduced an all new age ayurveda for today's Era. For instance presenting Chawanprash in form of a toffee. What an amazing thought to begin with.

Emerging Of New Age Ayurveda:

While the business is 3 years old, the vaidya family has been in Ayurveda for last 150 years.which was running in the form of clinic since the time of his forefathers. Says, Arjun. The story begun After watching the impact of repackaging yoga in modern countries and its outstanding performance by Arjun's grandfather. Also Arjun was influenced by the power vof Ayurveda as he grew up watchingits magic since his childhood days. Arjun believed in his grandfather's belief as he discovered new age ayurveda. Today Dr.Vaidya's is the largest brand online doing more than 5000 orderd per day across various online channels.


Building a consumer brand is a challenging journey, starting from scratch and building credibility as well as share of voice in a country like india is a manmoth task.Says, Arjun. To cross this hurdle annd emerge as a champion they decided to concentrate on their most important new age asset that is digital approach. As an outcome they engaged more than 1 million customers across 16000 pincodes even in the tough period of lockdown. This is the true power of digital Says, Arjun. In adittion to this versatile Arjun runs a podcast where he introduces various business personalities & talks about how they build successful brands from scratch, majorly focusing on FMCG niche. For instance, well known Epigema or Mom's Company journey. Tune into podcast and get Inspired, Says, Arjun.


Arjun looks up to his Grandfather and followed his foot steps to have reached where he is standing today.

Awards & Rewards:

Dr.Vaidya's got feliciated by Forbes30 under 30, Economic Times, Your Story, Tedex, Business World and many more prestigious awards in 3Years of this wonderlful life changing journey.

Powerful Message:

Do not fear change as modern era require modern solutions. Says, Arjun.

We Surely need more arjun with this laser focus & help contribute to the health and wealth of our nation with his innovative ideas and determined spirit. Salute to this new age Arjun.