Digital Story Of Raj Padhiyar

“Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.”


Living this saying for real, meet- “Dr. RAJ PADHIYAR.” Founder-DIGITAL GURUKUL. 29 year old Raj created his own path and ruling his niche like a boss.

Regular to Digital:

Started with his journey 7 years back leaving behind the high paid bank job & Maya Nagri –Mumbai, which is also his home town , raj took an all new road to create a life of his dreams. Holding an MBA degree and a doctorate in digital marketing in hand, raj wanted to show world,the power of digital. As he landed to Indore with eyes full of dreams & hope to deliver his knowledge to the world. He started Digital Gurukul , An institution serving education of Digital Marketing to its core.

Challenges Faced by Raj:

At initial level Raj faced so many issues that caught him in the moment because of the new place & an unknown set of people he is dealing with. Also people were unaware of the term “Digital Marketing” & were not so sure about pursuing it. In those times Digital Marketing was still a budding term in India.

Events of success:

RAJ’S hard work & determination paid off and he started to get energetic response of youngsters from every field. He was the only one providing 36 modules of Digital Marketing in Asia. After which he received his first award as “Youngest Entrepreneur of the year” in the year 2017. Under his guidance DIGITAL GURUKUL became ASIA’s best digital Marketing institute by the year 2018. Determination took over him to a next level as he kept on climbing the ladder of success. Soon after which he published a BOOK “Social Media and Politics of India”, which was one of the very first book of his segment in the world of digital marketing. Another book in the year, 2020. He is all set to take Digital Gurukul to its possible heights by giving franchises all over the world now. He conducted 150+seminars, Trained 7850 students ,2450 proffessionals in different fields.


Raj consider his father as his idol & Motivation behind his success.

Powerful Message:

One should always listen to their heart and take the path they believe in no matter what other says you will find your home eventually. Also he suggests, to identify the power of DIGITALIZATION, The new era is Digital, everyone can create their own path through the power of Digital. It’s the need of the time.

"Entreprenur of next generation."

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