10 Year Boy From Indore Rewrites Ramayana

“Let them be little coz they’re only that way for a while.”


This 10 year old young knowledge house, AVI SHARMA also known as Wonder boy of India, coming from the heart of Madhya-Pradesh, INDORE, is no less than a little idol of India. AVI have written –Baal Mukhi “Ramayana” in 250 chants’. He has written it in language Hindi so that every citizen of country could resonate themselves to his version of the tale .He utilized his lockdown days to highlight the greatness of lord “Rama”. AVI happens to study in class 5th has left behind , Albert Einstein & Bill Gates having Intelligence Quotient- 161 which is a rare gift to only 2 percentage of world population.


AVI at the age of 2 was able to chant Shloka’s & Mantra’s and by 2.5 he was able to sing around 200-300 Hindi & English rhymes, was able to identify colours & knew what are Bank’s & ATM’s are for. To his parent’s surprise is never taught to him earlier. Says, AVI’S Mother. His parents identified their child’s unique Talent & Personality and encouraged him to his greatest potential as an outcome, AVI started to perform on stage at the age of 2 itself & appeared in Many TV shows & commercials,4 Short Movies & 1 Music Album on ZTV,SONY,LIFE OK, Cartoon Network, POGO. Also having vast Knowledge of Indian mythology, management, Olympiad, anchoring & what not.


AVI’S mother who was working earlier with a known company left her job to raise AVI & Encourage his talent. She takes care of every major n minor events & activities happening in his life. Fullfil’s every demand he asks for his knowledge. There were people who questioned AVI’S Intillegence at this young age but AVI managed to shut their mouth with his vast Power thoughts & Answers. Says, AVI’S Mother.

Awards & Achievements:

AVI received Pride of India Award from Music Legend BAPPI LEHRI along with 12 more prestigious awards to name were ; Two National awards for Mythology, Alma international award from UK(London) ,20 Gold & 1 Silver Medal in different Olympiads till date.

Aspiration & idol:

This legendary 11 year boy Aspire to become Prime-Minister of India to serve his country. His idol is lord Krishna as he is in charm of his supreme Knowledge , also how can he forget our very own Prime-Minister Mr. NARENDRA MODI

Powerful Message:

When asked to give a message to the people this just turned, 11 year boy says: Positivity & Hard work is the mantra to life and you should identify your Qualities , talent in the spare time work on it & show it to the whole world.

"Wonder boy Indeed."