38 Year old,Uma Iyer introduced "BreadEx."- A doorstep bread delivery service during pandemic.

“Nothing says home like the smell of baking.” And that’s the feeling this baker, wants to bring to her customers in Dallas- Fort worth metroplex, Texas.


Meet this 38 old HR professional turned baker, UMA IYER, from Plano, Texas - Founder of a speciality bakery called TARTALICIOUS. Let’s get to know more about her, her business Tartalicious and their latest offering, BreadEx – a bread delivery service where fresh, artisan bread in delivered to customers’ homes every week.


Fnanciers. Started by Uma in 2016 – when Uma took a leap of faith and quit from corporate America (having worked for about 8 years after her MBA) and decided to bring her dream to life. The business was started in California and moved to Texas, when Uma & her family decided to make the move.

Cut to March 2020 and we were in the midst of a global pandemic. The Pandemic and the lockdown resulted in Tartalicious losing a lot of business – weddings were getting postponed, corporate orders were drying up and in an effort to keep the customers and team safe, Uma decided to close the bakery temporarily. During this time, she tried her hands at making breads – from sourdough breads to Italian breads like ciabatta and focaccia. That’s when the idea of BreadforAll was born – what if she could deliver breads in her neighbourhood and use the money collected to bring some joy to people who had got affected by the pandemic. For 6 weeks from mid-April to May, Uma made a new bread every week that was delivered to customers all over the city (it was a matter of time before the word spread beyond the neighbourhood!). All the money collected was donated to an NGO, Heard That Foundation – that used the moneyto provide meals to the restaurant industry workerswho had lost their job due to the pandemic. In a matter of 6 weeks, they were able to raise a whopping $4000. Their campaign was recognized by local news channels and other media outlets. Also, they gained a lot of loyal customers who loved the idea of getting fresh breads delivered to their doorsteps every week. And thus came about, BreadEx – where fresh, artisan bread (a new bread each week) is delivered to customers’ doors all over the DFW metroplex. Customers can subscribe to a monthly subscription or order the bread of the week. Now, who wouldn’t want a subscription for bread, right?

Journey & Challenges:

Whileall this sounds exciting, the journey wasn’t a bed of roses forUMA. Let’s rewind to 2011 – After graduating from XLRI, Jamshepur, Uma landed her dream job with Nokia. She was married to her best friend – and they were expecting their first baby. Sounds like a fairy tale, right? But then, they lost their baby in 2 days after his birth. The world fell apart, Uma went into depression and walled herself from the world. During those dark days, she found joy in baking.

By 2016, Uma had moved to the US, was working in corporate America and had a built a loving family with her husband and 2 sons. And she continued baking. Finally she took a leap of faith, quit her job and turned her dream of having a bakery into reality – Tartalicious was born.

Initially, Uma faced a lot of challenges – she is a self- trained baker (not a professional baker), she had to learn the tastes and preferences of the local people, understand the local laws while establishing her brand in a new country. But there is nothing you can’t do if you set your mind to it and Uma proved just that.

UMA happens to bean architect, turned software engineer, turned HR professional, turned baker & entrepreneur. Her background and upbringing helped her cross the hurdles. Her MBA trained her to manage the business, her architectural background helped her to have an artist eye, while the time as a software engineer helpedher navigate the technical aspects of the business (website etc). But the biggest qualification, Uma says, is her passion and “never give up” attitude.

Hobbies & Passion:

UMA loves to travel & solve puzzles in her free time. Baking is still number 1 on her list.


Follow your dreams but have your feet on ground. Entrepreneurship is a path that is fuelled by passion, hard work & business focus. Also, it is very important to listen to your customers and be ready to adapt to change.

"we surely need more of her kind in our society,who have the courage to bring their vision to life. "

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