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    Hey, there! i'm Darshana Sontakke Proud founder of Empowering Stories. You must be wondering how did Empowering Stories came about? Let me take you a few years back and tell my "Empowering Story". Being always fascinated by the power of stories & how it can change your perception towards the world, i caught myself in the pursuit of story telling, taking my imagination a next level. So when i was busy learning stories, little did i know i was about to live my own "Inspirational-Tale". Surrounded by sudden difficulties thrown by life when i found myself drowning and falling, i looked around & saw many-many people sailing their boats against the tides as they reach the shore gracefully thats when i decided to light up world on my own. "When the  going gets tough the tough gets going, they say". I started my own blog in the year -2017 & here i am now. "Empowering Stories" is a slice of my life. Its an amalgamation of the story teller in me with the conquerer, who looks around to so many inspiring people in the world, tells herself each morning, I can and i will! May these little tales empower you as much as they inspire me to keep marching on!


 Empowering-Stories is a collection of Inspirational, quirky, exciting stories from all around the globe, sudden kick you are looking for to deal with that rough day. A sudden rush you will get to pursue that hobby. To start that business, to write your own tale, to be your own sunshine in the rain. Motivation is what we as a human constantly seek for. Choosing to learn something new every day is what gives us a reason to grow and change. After all true meaning of success is to be successful at the enterprise of living. If they can do it, why not me?When you will be able to ask this question to yourselves, our job is done! So we here at "Empowering Stories" make sure you pursue life like a silly child, having his own happy tale while keeping worries at bay.